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tv   Headline News  RT  September 1, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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the u.s. war machine awaits orders to strike syria but barack obama says he would like the backing of lawmakers first after key world powers and many americans speak out against intervention. that is why the mere putin dismissed allegations that the syrian government used w m d's as other nonsense appealing to the us president as a nobel peace prize winner to think of the bloodshed in my cards. and greek national debt increases alongside financial aid from the e.u. as aston struggles to appease international lenders and reports it may need a third bailout the.
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latest news and the week's top stories right here on r.t. i'm lindsey france against the distant cries of anti-war protesters broke obama has pulled back from ordering a strike against syria at least for now the u.s. president has decided to ask congress which doesn't reconvene for over a week to give its backing for a war which he says needs to be launched obama wants to punish damascus for its alleged use of chemical weapons but still has not publicly presented proof to back up his accusations international opposition towards an attack is mounting as marino porton i reports. obama said although he does believe that he has the authority to carry out a military attack without approval from congress he feels that the country would be strengthened by a public debate on the matter now the u.s. leader says that he feels absolutely comfortable carrying out a military attack against syria without the approval of the u.n. security council according to international law and he and
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a military strike taken needs approval from the security council and a resolution to be adopted but u.s. officials believe that any security draft resolution allowing for the use of force against syria would be vetoed by russia and or china now obama says washington's planned military strike against the mask is not time sensitive meaning it could happen one week from now or one month from now but ultimately the u.s. president says that the syrian government of bashar al assad will pay consequences for allegedly using chemical weapons after careful deliberation i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets and should not be an open ended intervention we would not put boots on the ground. instead it would be designed to be limited duration and scope the white house released assessment of the use of chemical weapons on august twenty first and
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a countless amount of experts were not convinced by the intelligence that's been presented nowhere in the report to the us confirmed that assad that the assad government used chemical weapons instead the four page report used were being such as we assess with high confidence or multiple streams of intelligence indicate that this week also saw america's major ally britain opting out of military intervention in syria and nato also said it would not be participating in a potential military strike in the meantime the u.n. investigation team that recently returned from damascus has announced that atta lising the samples from the site of the alleged syria come syrian chemical attack will take up to three weeks and many countries as well as the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon have asked that no military action be taken before u.n. experts present their conclusion u.s. officials say the president made
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a last minute decision to seek the approval of lawmakers obama originally intended to decide on military action against syria without congressional consent the president's under public pressure on the home front as most americans don't appear to share his confidence that military attack is necessary over half of those americans who took part in a reuters poll said they don't want any kind of u.s. involvement in syria only twenty percent were in favor asked whether assad should be attacked if he's implicated in the use of chemical weapons less than thirty percent said yes obama maintains the he wants a limited military strike with no u.s. boots on the ground but political analyst phyllis bennis says things could change quickly as the situation in the war zone escalates. he was prepared to go without a united nations resolution which of course would make any military strike illegal but he was counting on certainly the brits he was counting on the u.k.
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to come on board i think he was quite blindsided by that decision by the british parliament and then to find out that nato said no and that the arab league said no france isn't quite enough as an international allies i think all of that plus the fact that almost two hundred members of congress have signed letters in recent days demanding that there be some consultation with congress the whole question of what happens the day after is not on the agenda we can say all we want our intention is a narrow targeted strike just a day or two this is not a major a major military campaign well it's not a major kill military campaign until it is what is of course syria tries to retaliate against one of the u.s. warships that are off the syrian coast what if it tries to shoot down a u.s. plane what if it retaliates against israel what if it attacks a u.s. base in one of the neighboring countries all of these things would be then met by
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greater u.s. retaliation to that act we can't assume that the u.s. would take the position we didn't intend this to be more than a couple days we're not going to respond they would certainly respond and that threatens the whole possibility of the united states being pulled directly into this very complicated civil war inside syria so whatever happens it's going to be the people of syria who pay the final price. in anticipation of an order to strike american naval forces have been massing in the mediterranean off the syrian coast five destroyers are ready to take part in the assault and fabulous assault ship with hundreds of marines on board has also joined them officials stress the troops are merely there as a precaution with no plans to deploy them in syria the destroyers packs and serious firepower each of them carries up to ninety tomahawk cruise missiles that can strike syria from a safe distance while dealing massive damage to the assad regime and in response the u.s. deployment damascus says it's on full combat alert artie's marie if an ocean is in
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the syrian capital with more reaction to washington's plans many here say that congress is unlikely to approve military action against syria but even those who think that it could happen that congress does approve this strike against that country say at least it is not going to happen to not and that means they could come back to their families to their friends and take dinners tonight without thinking about. that country without thinking about this pressure they've been living under in the last several days. first announced that it could be a possible strike against a country so definitely relief is. how the mood here in damascus now could be characterized but this is what about this evening following about the speech but if we're talking about general mood here in syria the public opinion is divided there
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are those who are afraid and frightened and they leave the country they pack their bags they send their families women and kids outside syria and they're following them themselves and there is another part of the syrian society they say we don't care we've been living under this pressure on these dangerous highly unsafe and stable situation for more than two years and a half we didn't leave last year and two years ago why should we leave now so we'll stay and that could be explained by two reasons first this patriotism towards syria and another one less pathetic but maybe maybe more real that people got used to this nightmare they've been living in the last two years and a half president putin has questioned needs distance of u.s. evidence that assad's forces used chemical weapons calling the claims utter nonsense he also warns barack obama against using military action urging him to think of the countless possible victims artesian thomas has more. president
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vladimir putin spoke to reporters and bloody vostok here in russia and had some strong clear words about the situation in syria first of all he said all of this talk of strikes and military intervention from the west is he is certain because the syrian regime is making advances against the rebels and it's a tactic or a technique to try and turn the tide of the civil war in syria to the rebels side he also said that the idea of the government the assad regime using chemical weapons is absurd cityscape it's just syrian government forces are advancing in some areas they've surrounded the rebels to think that in such a time they would give a trump card for those calling for intervention is. now the president went on to say that of course russia is against the idea of weapons of mass destruction specifically chemical weapons and in this case and particularly that the global
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community needs to wait until the u.n. investigation team results are in and he says that at that time the global community can then discuss the situation and act in a lawful manner that any unilateral action would be against international law he also said that he was surprised about the situation last week in the british parliament where they debated and then voted down military action for the u.k. in syria he says that he was surprised but he was pleased and it shows that there are rational minds at play in the government and that that debate needs to happen he also appealed it to president obama not just as a president but as a nobel laureate winner of the nobel peace prize let's not forget that barack obama is nobel peace prize laureate of the cost decade the u.s. has started seven conflicts and there is parts of the world predict that really solve any problems afghanistan or iraq libya. there's no democracy there now which
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is what the u.s. claimed it tried to bring this new civil peace or balance all of these has to be taken into account before making the decision to stop bombing syria which will lead to civilian casualties so russia continuing to stand in their position that the world needs to wait for the u.n. investigation to take place the world needs to act globally it looks like now that president obama will be sending it back to congress and so we will wait to see if that spirited debate that happened in the in the u.k. parliament will also happen in the united states the retired u.s. air force lieutenant colonel karen kotowski says the actions of the obama administration risk putting american forces alongside those they've called an enemy for years. we have allied ourselves twice now at least of barack obama and washington d.c. the congress has done nothing to to prevent us from being allied with the very
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terroristic enemies that we talk al-qaeda based ok to linked organizations certainly in libya in fact in some of the same al qaeda groups in libya that are assisting and fighting the assad regime in damascus so i don't know what it will take to explain to barack obama what he is getting into the congress should be putting a stop to this several days of airstrikes will do very little it will demonstrate in many ways the weakness of the united states political regime and the lack of options that it has in really moving forward towards peace in the region. coming up eyes wide shut to sex crimes after dozens of sex offenders were taken off a government register in the u.k. critics ask to protect victims from potential anonymous abusers or on that very soon.
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be in cuba is not a failure of the cuban people it's a savior of sidel castro in the. one i sense a nation on sabotage backed by the officials both hostility and suspicion encouraged by the government these operations against cuba are known to the attorney general of the united states the president has made himself the defendant's intelligence arms how do infiltrate to resist. but still agencies freedom fighters terrorists. who is who. well the real terror. well you stand up on our cheek. there's a media leader so we lead the media. by the sea motions to the right your party
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there's a good. news that no one is asking with again that you deserve answers from. politics. you're watching r t welcome back greece battles faces a battle with international lenders over control of the country's assets following suggestions it could need another ten billion euro rescue package to fulfill its financial obligations to the e.u. the two thousand and eight crisis led to a request for a one hundred ten billion euro loan from the e.u. in return greece introduced austerity measures and another one hundred thirty billion followed shortly the beginning of the turmoil saw public debt rocket to one hundred twenty nine percent of g.d.p.
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and the extra aid boosted that by more than a quarter author and journalist ariz chast and fondue believes athens has become addicted to being rescued and must default to begin its recovery. what happened during the last two or three years during the so-called salvation period was that greece became. foreign intervention and foreign help it's simply impossible anymore during the three hundred twenty billion saying it was impossible even in two thousand and nine. but they wanted to bring greece into the strap that help only foreign banks especially in germany france and some other countries the only shouldn't you should now is to deform having the greek people in control of the procedure for euro zone creates deficits and debts to the european very very well at the same time create services to the european core so we were saying from two thousand and nine two thousand and ten that we should leave the eurozone again in
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our therapist and not in terms imposed by barely in brussels or any other place in europe destroyed again the infrastructure of the greek economy not only of the greek economy the same thing happened in spain portugal and ireland all the countries that took the strait jacket off. of the monetary union. my colleague kevin owen discussed the mounting greek debt with artie's igor piskun off as well as a number of international experts earlier this week they look at where the money is going and what helps. quite a lot of people are being affected these layoffs really are aimed mainly at the public sector and the public sector traditionally is the foundation of the greek economy and that's why so many people are taking to the streets to protest. let's go to our cities going to go to. we've spoken to many times before every time we've talked about the huge amounts the billions being poured into greece meant to
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nationalize it is. illegal there you seen it first hand that you know the guys he's talking to at least a pretty depressed they don't see light at the end of the tunnel your enough is what you'll view well it is obvious by now the. whole scenario adopted for greece has been like a. this by those huge huge bailout loans greek debt. very high. that's terrific carolan who said if european studies in brussels there. wasn't pouring good money after bad do you think you're a proponent of the bailout but done it if would have been much worse much worse situation i don't think from greece you have to look very far you simply look to bulgaria for example to see i mean the whole much worse it could have been the same today living standards in reason are higher than they are in bulgaria if greece
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were to have left the euro zone and that's why men favor of all further beno i think it's a disastrous idea once you realized you've made a mistake you should stop doing it it is very simple the bailout is not helping the greek people we've just seen the images of people homeless people living in shelters losing their jobs cannot pay their rent their pension funds are disappearing now the bailout money is not aimed to help the greek people it is aimed at. a huge rescue package for bags just because who has benefited who has been in the most not the banks but i think germany has benefited most from the euro zone that's why i see the u.s. come painting staying within the euro zone and that's why merkel has forty percent of the approval rate because germany is thriving germany exports all over europe and they are have a disability interest in having a stable currency zone. to london to brussels i can only say that he is looking at the completely wrong end of the stick so that the euro was
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a political project it never had any financial standing. and he is supporting a political decision not the economy. for other stories you won't find on the air head to our team dot com right now you can learn about the breakthrough discovery of a so-called trojan asteroid its orbit is near the planet your anus over two billion kilometers further from the sun than typical asteroids go online to check out why it was given an ancient greek name in particular. plus more inspections more leads the fukushima operator admits more than one water tank may have been using heavily contaminated liquid at japan's crippled nuclear power plant explain the dangers and are. now to some thrills and spills from some of the world's finest pilots the max two thousand and thirteen air show just outside the russian capital climaxes on sunday it's been providing the stage for state of the our aircraft to perform and a billion dollar contracts to be signed this year's event has already broken the
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show's own records over a thousand companies from forty four countries took part more than three hundred thousand spectators have attended among headliners as russians most advanced fifth generation fighter jet the t. fifty and the team of pilots who work wonders with their squadron of helicopters. more news now from across the globe it takes quite a bit of luck to avoid something like this a dashboard camera captured the moment a car on a coastal road in taiwan was hit by a landslide and just narrowly avoided being crushed by a giant boulder the massive rock stopped just a few meters from the car but the driver suffering only minor injuries taiwan is bracing itself for more downpours as tropical storm kong ray approaches. thousands of people marched through the mexican capital in protest of the president's energy reform plans pena nieto wants to are now private companies to
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explore mexico's vast oil and gas reserves but those opposing the move say the president is just seeking to sell off the nation's assets mexican leader has relatively low approval ratings now and will speak to the nation on monday. around two hundred people demonstrated against same sex marriage in the french capital despite a ban on the march protesters calling themselves the night watchman reached a major public square in central paris to hold an evening vigil police encircled the group until the demonstration was finished this was the last in a twenty day protest marathon throughout france in reaction to a gate to gate unions being made legal. a secret register containing the names of thousands of sex offenders is maintained by police in the u.k. to protect people especially children from potential abuse but what happens when rapists and pedophiles are taken off that list artist polly boyko reports on how the failure to shield vulnerable youngsters can lead to tragedy. a victim of
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a truly horrific crime as a child paul was sexually abused by a family friend from the age of eight years old his torture continued until he was sixteen so. brazenly current and. i lived in constant terror of my own mind flashbacks. sixteen paul managed to turn his life around and now counsels others who like him went through the trauma of sexual abuse many victims say that the knowledge that their former attackers will be under constant police monitoring even when released from prison is a reassurance that they won't be able to strike again but over the past year and number of convicted sex offenders have applied to come off the u.k. sex offenders register claiming they no longer pose a threat to society if a serious sex offender serves more than thirteen months for their crime they're
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supposed to stay on the register for the rest of their lives police will monitor their whereabouts the inform local schools hospitals and potential employers about their existence within the community bought according to human rights laws it's a breach of criminals rights to keep them on the register indefinitely without the chance of appeal the register is a list that isn't made public detailing for the police all those convicted of a crime under the sexual offenses act in england and wales it includes a range of criminals from convicted rapists and paedophiles to under-age minors who have consensual sex following a change in human rights law last year forty three sex offenders were removed from the register after successful appeals i think it's a very perverse understand your human rights to put sex offenders before their victims before potential victims i think the implications will eventually mean a lot more offending but one children's charity says that the police need to remove
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those who no longer pose a threat. it in order to focus on monitoring the prolific offenders i'm not pretending by the way that victims don't think this is the generally speaking that this would be troubling to them but in terms of my concern of protecting future victims from possible future risk we need the police to concentrate their resources on the guys at the highest risk if they judge these forty three individuals do not represent a future risk i don't want the police wasting any more time with the former victims are concerned the list of those taken off the register includes eight rapists and twenty seven child sex attackers the people that i i taught counsel with are absolutely dumbfounded that paranoids is that their views are perpetrating this the net of that list you are reading minds do you are going back to being that doesn't all that hard work that poor person actually worked so hard to move forward has now its all undone because they got to go through it again and they've also got to go
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through the torment they know that individual could potentially hurt some other child experts in the field of psychology say that questions remain over whether sex offenders can ever be rehabilitated there's a prison. where the sense from this treatment program is run by brain who are going to be these these inmates and they said we know what to say we know how to get by we know how we can. what we need to say to prove we are being rehabilitated even if we're not the u.k. home office wasn't in favor of the ruling but the supremes court upheld the human rights of sex offenders looking for a second chance judges referred to article eight of the european convention on human rights to creating that even for my sex criminals deserve the chance of private and family life she looked in two thousand and ten when the first two people were actually appealed and use the human rights so that they would see child sex offenders. it just tells you
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a lot that these people want of the register and my worry and my concern is the. they were our system of children paula says that his abusive robbed him of his childhood and for a long time the desire to keep on living as well you know i beg to anybody that says that they have a human right just think of your child just think of your grandchild and think how would you feel if that child basically was murdered emotionally from such a young age. artie london. stay with us for a true story of cuban spying and intrigue in miami right after this break.
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so the historic and for many americans tragic ruling in a bradley manning case just got a lot weirder because he has declared that he wants to live the rest of his life as a woman named chelsea well i'm glad his lawyer got him to keep this revelation to himself until the end of the trial but sadly he really should have pushed for him to keep quiet about this just a bit longer why you ask because if there is one thing i know about the mainstream media is that the second sex is involved everything else instantly becomes a distant second case in point what is the legacy of bill clinton is it the job murderer who are sure to nafta no is it a violent foreign policy throughout the world somewhat similar to bush's and obama's in locations like haiti somalia in the balkans etc no his legacy is based on the least important sin he committed as a president cheating on his wife for the years couldn't wasn't office the lewinsky scandal just smothered everything else i am pretty sure that if i know the mainstream media they are going to use manning's gender confusion to overshadow and
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drown out everything else involved in the case but that's just my opinion. when i was sleeping it was around six am. but what i remember hearing like someone breaking the law. i was surrounded by people with machine guns helmets stuff you see in movies. they examined my mouth they seem to many movies i thought i had signed up there. they told me i was under arrest i asked for they said you know.
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cubans busted here in the united states spying for fidel are they terrorists or freedom fighters. you know the cubans. were the those guys that played us in the semifinals of the pan american games in the basketball tournament the five cuban five were defending their country against terrorists the other cuban five other that's also been americans you know i haven't ever heard about the cuban five there that rock band right. i mean you know to cuban five. you want to find out ok. ok the police are looking for you to deal with the terrorist groups in miami's of exiles planning attacks on the cuban people and foreign citizens.


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